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Contemporary Urban Fantasy


Ali, Servant to a vampire, is shocked by the sudden death of her Master, the man who helped raise her. Jacob Emory Smith inherits the Household and her Servitude. His involvement in vampiric government and his curiosity threatens her secrets.

Smith blackmails her into helping him break into a biometrics company, TelMet, which has developed technology to read individual’s blood prints, risking vampire secrecy. If she will be his mole, he will ensure her fellow Servants will be treated right and assured of their futures as vampires.

As she begins to unravel TelMet’s security, Smith tries to unravel the secrets Ali is so desperate to keep.  With help from a beautiful hacker and a mysterious and powerful scientist, Ali and Smith form an uneasy alliance and put their plan into motion.

More information regarding publication coming soon.

Blood Print: Experience
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