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Kate Khavari

I was raised on Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter. I live and breathe by my Kindle Unlimited subscription. No matter the genre, I love researching those random details you didn't realize were important. I write the books I wish I could find, with characters that are people and not trope, immersive storytelling, and plots that leave you wondering what will happen next at the end of every chapter.


Completed projects


High Fantasy

Neena’s sudden ascension to the Natal throne requires her to participate in an annual ritual, Nael, that will give her a child and cement diplomatic ties. As she gets to know the three men chosen for the ceremony- a charming prince, a gruff warrior, and an earnest but mysterious holy man- she begins to realize that her plan to remain diplomatic but distant from them may not be as easy as she thought. Betrayal and secrets come to light, and suddenly Neena finds that motherhood is no longer her biggest concern.

Historical mystery

Set at the University College London in 1923. When botanist Saffron Everleigh's mentor is accused of poisoning the wife of a colleague with a mysterious toxin, Saffron is determined to prove his innocence. Using her knowledge of botany and her sometimes dangerous curiosity, Saffron investigates a mystery that becomes increasingly dangerous the deeper she gets.

Contemporary fantasy

Ali is forced to blackmailed by her new Master, Smith, into sabotaging a biometrics company alongside a sexy hacker and mysterious scientist. Ali must keep her own secrets while working to keep vampires a secret from the world. A vampire book for people who hate vampire books.

Image by Bogdan Yukhymchuk

"Condensation fogged the panels of glass and obscured the trees, ferns, and vines inside. The humid air, heavy with the scents of loam and the fragrance of a hundred exotic blooms, was as familiar and comfortable as a favorite jumper..."

From Saffron Everleigh and the Lightning Vine


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